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Medical, Dental, Vision and Retirement Benefits, Reimbursement Accounts

Your job with Commuter Air Technology means much more than a bi-weekly paycheck. Healthy employees are happy and productive at work and at home, so CAT is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of wellness.

Two of our medical benefit options offer 100 percent coverage for preventive care and surgical care for most orthopedic procedures here in the Oklahoma City area and for our remote employees.

Our comprehensive medical benefit plans offer you flexibility in choosing the tier of coverage/costs that best suits the medical needs for you and your family.

In addition to medical benefits, you can choose from two tiers of dental coverage and can elect vision coverage for exams, glasses, lenses, and discounts on laser vision correction.

To reduce out-of-pocket costs for health care and dependent care, you can set up reimbursement accounts that pay those costs with tax-free income.

CAT also offers a very generous 401k Retirement Plan that will match 75% of the first 8% of deferred compensation that you can allocate within a wide range of investment options.

Life Insurance and more.

Employees can choose from numerous options of life insurance benefits for themselves, their spouses, and their children.

Short term/long term disability benefits are available for all full time employees.

CAT offers employees a variety of leave options for individual flexibility. These include paid time off, military leave, and bereavement leave.