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Commuter Air Technology introduces the CAT 350ME engineered for the King Air B300 airframe. This new technology increases the operational gross weight and fuel capacity providing for industry leading carrying capacity and endurance. With the CAT 350ME, owners and operators can travel a greater distance with increased payload — and be selective about where they stop to refuel cross country or internationally.

Go the Distance

The CAT 350ME Fuel Tanks increase fuel capacity up to 280 gallons and achieve a flight time up to 11.5 hours and a range of 2,760 nautical miles, a 15% improvement over industry leading solutions on the market. Operators can improve flight time and range without the need to stop for fuel.

350ME Fuel Tanks
  • Sleek, aerodynamic design
  • Largest fuel capacity on the market
  • Increase fuel capacity up to 280 gallons
  • Extend flight time to 11.5 hours
  • Increase flight range to 2,760 nm
  • Consistently outperforms similar platforms
  • Available for Serial Numbers FL-1 and Above

Increased Payload, Greater Range

The CAT 350 Operational Gross Weight Increase (GWI) allows operators to use the full capacity of the new CAT 350ME Fuel Tanks plus additional passenger or cargo payload. The CAT 350 GWI provides an overall increase in operating weights for the B300 aircraft. The GWI supports the additional weight of the CAT 350ME Fuel Tanks, but may be purchased as a stand-alone STC, if desired.

350 Operational Gross Weight Increase
  • Carry more fuel
  • Achieve greater range
  • Carry more cabin payload
  • Increase max ramp weight to 16,600 pounds
  • Increase max take-off weight to 16,500 pounds
  • Increase max landing weight to 15,675 pounds
  • Cleveland Wheel and Brakes
  • Includes Raisbeck Engineering High Floation Gear Doors
  • Available for Proline II and 21 Avionics
  • Available for Serial Numbers FL-1 and Above

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