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CenTex HALO 250 Conversion

FLYING FARTHER, FASTER, AND SAFER WITH THE CENTEX AEROSPACE HALO 250 GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE STC CONVERSION—The Halo 250 STC conversion raises the maximum takeoff weight of any 200 series King Air from 12,500 to 13,420 pounds, resulting in a 920 pound increase in payload capacity. It also moves the King Air 200 into commuter category*, allowing transport of passengers and cargo without the limitations that accompany restricted category.



The weight increase allows more payload that can be more passengers, baggage, fuel, or a combination of these three. The 920 pound increase equates to an additional hour and a half of flight time, or, five more passengers plus baggage.


The HALO 250 STC conversion provides an increase in the maximum operating Mach number, Mmo. The original Mmo is increased from 0.52 to 0.58 Mach. It allows faster cruise speeds at high altitudes and faster descents. This new feature is a real benefit for airplanes with -52 and -61 engines.


The HALO 250 conversion adds five new systems to the King Air 200 making it a much safer airplane to operate. The new safety systems provided are, trim out-of-range warning, over-speed warning, ice mode stall warning, engine fire extinguisher, and emergency cabin lighting.


With many of the King Air 200 series airplanes modified with one or more STCs, compatibility is not an issue. CenTex Aerospace engineered the HALO 250 to work seamlessly with many popular STCs held by Raisbeck Engineering, BLR, and Blackhawk as well as Garmin G1000 and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics.

The HALO 250 is also compatible with Hartzell’s three and four blade propellers and McCauley’s three, four, and five blade propellers. Engine compatibility includes Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41, -42, -52, and -61 engines.

Airplane eligibility: King Air 200, A200, B200, and B200GT


HALO 250 Fact Information Chart for the Beechcraft 200 Series King Air:

Increase Max Ramp Weight: 13,510 lbs. 
Increase Max Takeoff Weight: 13,420 lbs. 
Max Landing Weight: 13,420 lbs. (Airplane with high flotation landing gear only, all others 12,500 lbs.) 
Max Zero Fuel Weight: 10,400 lbs. / 11,000 lbs. (King Air 200 and A200 / King Air A200C, B200, and B200GT) Payload Increase: 920 lbs.

*A BE-200 type rating is required to operate converted airplanes in commuter category.

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