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Finnoff Aviation—Mt Propellers

CAT is an authorized dealer of MT Propellers distributed by Finnoff Aviation. CAT is the exclusive dealer of MT Propellers to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) customers and foreign government military sales (FMS) in which the U.S. Government is the contracting and/or financing agent.

German designed and manufactured 5-bladed MT Natural Composite Propellers enhance the performance and safety of your King Air 90, 200 or 300 series aircraft. In addition to being the go-to OEM provider for 90% of the European Aircraft Industry and 30% of the US Aircraft Industry, MT is the global leader and at the forefront of advanced propeller design.


The innovative 5-blade MT Composite Propeller delivers unprecedented advantages over conventional 4-blade aluminum propellers:

  • Best vibration dampening characteristics for near vibration-free propeller operations
  • Significant cabin noise and vibration reduction
  • Bonded on nickel alloy leading edge for superior erosion protection of the blades
  • Overall performance improvement of 5% to 12% in take-off and climb
  • Weight reduction of 25 lbs less weight than the original 4-blade propellers with aluminum blades
  • Increased single engine and low RPM performance
  • No propeller speed restrictions on ground while operating in low idle
  • Increased ground clearance resulting in less FODs
  • Unlimited blade life and FOD repairable blades
  • Replace single blades in the field instead of whole prop assembly

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