Michael Townsend
Director of Special Programs

Michael Townsend is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major who came to CAT after a 26 year military career and five years in the defense industry.  During his military career Michael served at many levels and units before finishing his career as a Sergeant Major in several special operations assignments and overseas Task Forces. 

During his career Michael lead and trained small, medium and large diverse organizations as well as a full spectrum of special activities and operations for our Government.  Michael is recognized for his knowledge and expertise in policy formulation and the practice of special activities and operations.  He has extensive experience to lead the execution and strategic planning of very difficult and complex solutions to accomplish goals and missions.  He excels at building successful business teams to accomplish the customer’s goals. 

Michael joined CAT in the summer of 2015 and currently leads the Special Programs division.  He is responsible for discovering and integrating cutting edge intelligence collection technology that will support CAT’s vision of being a world-class integrator and provider of airborne ISR solutions to our customers.

Michael serves on the board of the 10th Special Forces Group chapter of the Special Forces Scholarship Fund.


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