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Our Company

Mission Statement

Commuter Air Technology is committed to serving our commercial, government, and international customers with quality, state-of-the-art products and services to maximize the capability and performance of various aircraft. Motivated by a passion for aircraft and a strong drive to make them better, our experienced team promises to offer prompt, one-on-one service to deliver only the best equipment, technologies and personnel to fit each customer's specialized need.


Commuter Air Technology began in 1986 in response to a growing demand for a small, versatile, efficient commuter aircraft. Answering this demand, CAT developed the CATPASS 250, a modified King Air 200 with 13 passenger seats, more cargo storage, greater performance and lower operating costs. Since then, CAT has built over 100 CATPASS 250s and expanded its reach to include enhancements for the entire King Air Family and other small piston and turbo prop aircraft. CAT has developed products for government and international security services, providing many modifications and aircraft to ISR and Special Missions Operations.

Today, CAT has expanded on our experience with the CATPASS 250 to create the modern CATPASS 21. CAT also offers a wide range of services that include consultation, pre-purchase inspection, engineering, modifications and program management. These enhancements and services ultimately lead to the improvement of the performance, capability and reliability of your aircraft.

Our intellectual capital has expanded to include research, design and development of new products aimed at enhancing the performance of an expanding range of aircraft and on-board systems along with training, supportability, and end-to-end solutions.

Today, CAT has established itself as an end-to-end solution provider for the King Air Series.

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