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Special Mission Systems

Commuter Air Technology specializes in integrated solutions for the Global ISR market and provides modernization, upgrade, sustainment, and maintenance and logistics support for a wide variety of aircraft and ground systems. CAT’s operations division has excelled as a total solution provider for sensitive overseas missions in support of US Special Operations Forces in austere environments as well as exercise support for SOF in the United States.

CAT’s forte is to rapidly integrate multiple surveillance and intelligence capabilities into a platform that has been optimized for maximum endurance over the target area. Currently, our 350ME (maximum endurance) aircraft has an 11.5 hour, unrefueled flight time, the best in the industry for this class of aircraft. Combined with multiple intelligence collection capabilities, makes the 350ME unmatched in providing outstanding support.

CAT’s track record of providing tactical and operational ISR support has been outstanding. With over 7 years of providing support to deployed-US forces, CAT has earned a reputation of superior performance, agility and responsiveness.

Operational Capabilities

  • Integration of multiple intelligence sensors to include a combination of EO/IR, SAR, WAMI, Maritime Radar, SIGINT and others.
  • Deployed highly experienced former military pilots, sensor operators and specialized maintenance teams to austere, remote worldwide locations.
  • Expertise to gather, process, exploit and disseminate collected information rapidly for actionable intelligence, an important piece to the Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate (F3EAD) cycle.
  • Maintain the aircraft (currently over 85% OR rate) at OCONUS locations.
  • Rapidly adapt to the customer’s requirements to include on the fly change of missions to short notice relocation of assets.
  • Operate multiple communications systems to include everything from beyond line of sight (BLOS) to UHF/VHF and secure video downlinks.
  • Research, development & operational testing of cutting edge tactics, technology and procedures to offer our clients the best solutions for their complex problems.
  • Exercise support to USSOCOM that includes airborne ISR, LNOs, SMEs, and video downlink system with the ability to provide beyond line of sight support.
  • Secure classroom and living area that can support ISR related courses to include sensor operators, SI personnel and aircrew
  • Accredited secure storage and conference room.
  • GSA Schedule 66 - Scientific Equipment and Services Schedule Contract Vehicle

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To rapidly provide fused, long duration, airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft with a highly experienced crew and state of the art technology to support the F3EAD process.


We will serve our customers with unwavering dedication, honor, and a determination to support the mission commensurate with the best traditions of a Special Operations warrior.


We will be honest, ethical, and unceasing in our effort to bring the best people, technologies and equipment to our customers.

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