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Stan Green is a former US Marine Corps Special Operator with years of military combat-tested leadership skills in Special Operations reconnaissance and surveillance.  His superior leadership performance in high-pressure environments has been applied within both military and corporate organizations.

Stan has extensive experience leading people using a team-based work dynamic, managing projects with a systems-oriented approach and applying critical thinking when optimizing key decisions in austere environments.

Stan has been with CAT since 2010 and has served an Operations Manager/SOF Liaison Officer and Program Manager of Special Programs.  He currently leads a team responsible for discovering, integrating and testing emerging intelligence collection technologies.  In this capacity, Special Programs serves as CAT’s lead in developing effective and highly-valued ISR integrations and remote sensing solutions for its SOF customers.

Stan has received several awards during his military and professional career including the Combat Action Ribbon, the Purple Heart, and an Exceptional Effort & Accomplishment Award from President & CEO of Commuter Air Technology.

Director of Special Programs